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German Consortium: Integrated Solution Made in Germany for H2V Production and Application

Side Event - Wednesday, October 25, 15.00 - 18.00


- AHK Chile

- Exportinitiative Energie

- Berlin Consult

- Ministerio Federal de Economía y Protección del Clima Alemán


Araucarias Room, Centro Parque, Centro de Eventos, Santiago, Chile.


Within the framework of the Exportinitiative Energie (Energy Solutions Made in Germany) initiative, technologies and services for project development, infrastructure and the application of green hydrogen and its derivatives will be presented, as well as the potential demand for H2V and its derivatives in Germany. Solutions and know-how will be addressed by a consortium consisting of the German companies FEV, Neuman & Esser, VOSS Fluid and WEH.

Additionally there will be two presentations by leading experts from Chile and Germany, respectively: Alta Ley and RWTH Aachen University.

The event will culminate with a Networking Cocktail where they can exchange ideas and explore new opportunities for collaboration.

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