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Hydrogen Partnerships: A collaborative meeting for renewable and low-carbon hydrogen development

Side Event - Thursday, October 26, 15:00 to 16:15 hrs.


- LAC Green Hydrogen Action

-H2 Chile, Secretariado LAC Green Hydrogen Action


Araucarias Hall, Centro Parque, Events Center, Santiago, Chile.


The activity will address the role of Latin American Hydrogen Associations in promoting the development, deployment and adoption of renewable hydrogen technologies and applications. 
In particular, it will delve into the challenges of the H2R and low-carbon H2 economy across countries as well as the particularities of these.
The shared responsibility of trade associations to jointly contribute to the sustainable development of the H2R and low carbon H2 industry in the region is key; coordinated and collaborative work at a multinational level will accelerate the generation of knowledge, thus avoiding redundancy of efforts and minimizing time.


Isabella Boese

Secretariado, LAC Green Hydrogen Action


Loreto Velázquez Ziede (Comunicaciones)

Secretariado, LAC Green Hydrogen Action


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