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Experiences & technologies to address the impact of wind power projects in Magallanes

Side Event - Thursday, October 26, 10:00 to 11:00 hrs.


- Comité de Hidrógeno Verde de Corfo


Araucarias Hall, Centro Parque, Centro de Eventos, Santiago, Chile


Given the goals established by the National Green Hydrogen Strategy of Chile (2020) and the need to address the challenges involved in the sustainable development of the green hydrogen industry in Magallanes, it is necessary to have scientific, methodological and technological information on the characteristics, challenges and opportunities inherent to the region for the mitigation of impacts on avifauna of large-scale wind farms aimed at the sustainable development of this industry in the region.

Thus, this activity aims to share national and international experience on the use of available technologies, appropriate sampling methods and data analysis for the design and location of wind farms, as well as for the management of their operation, minimizing the impact on birds and bats without affecting their operation.

From this, the challenges and opportunities that Chile has to incorporate this type of services, technologies and know-how throughout the life cycle of large-scale wind projects to be located in high potential regions will be discussed.


Rowena Moreno Téllez

Ejecutiva Técnica Comité Hidrógeno Verde de Corfo

M: +56942584253

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